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Avalon Information Technology provides businesses with immediate remedial technical support.  A systems outage or shutdown can cost a company from thousands to millions of dollars in losses. Productivity is often lost to faulty, slow and overburdened systems. We provide you with a system analysis that pin points problem areas and where money can be best spent. We provide thorough recommendations that may include systems overhaul, decomission, replacement, upgrades, alternate technology, training, monitoring, metrics, maintenance and support. We work with new and emerging technologies to bring you real time monitoring of systems health, threats, intrusions, and bring support that protects your files, and systems from last minute and costly breakdowns. Lastly, we bring your company connections to over 35 technology partners ranging from Microsoft, Red hat, VmWare, Citrix, HP, IBM and more. These partnerships allow Avalon to fulfill our role as an integrator, not just a vendor. The integrators job is to recommend a vision of return on investment by using the right combination of technologies when needed and provides a sound implementation plan that incorporates the customers budget.